Control panel CTH-18

CTH-18 is the new wireless control panel by Venitem, conceived to offer a simple and elegant security solution.

It offers 16 wireless zones and 2 wired zones and it works in combination with two-way remote controls with optical-acoustic feedback.

Thanks to its integrated GSM, it manages the transmission of all alarm, anomaly and management events through SMS. Alarm and anomaly events are also notified and distinguished through the number of flashes and the colour of RGBW LED of the sounder, for a quick and intuitive notification.




  • 16 wireless zones

  • 868 MHz two-way dual-band wireless technology

  • 2 hardwired zones and on-board tamper zone

  • Anti-opening and anti-removal tamper

  • 1 partition

  • 230Vac 0.8A 14.5V switching power supply

  • 2.1Ah or 1.2Ah battery

  • Optical communicator RGBW LED for system and zones status signaling

  • On-board gsm up to 6 telephone numbers

  • Notices and feedbacks via SMS or voice call

  • Up to 10 two-way remote controls with optical and acoustic feedback

  • Management through remote control and the dedicated App

  • Setting via the dedicated App for Android and iOS

  • Adjustable entry/exit time

  • 1 sounder-dedicated output

  • 3 outputs for system status, anomalies and buzzer respectively

  • 1 output for management through remote control








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