Smart Home Accessories

Radio controls, receivers and actuators to increase home comfort and reduce electricity consumption.

Multifunction remote controls that allow you to control up to 30 devices, individually or in groups, and bidirectional wireless receivers connected to a single device.

Depending on the model, the radio controls for burglar alarms have a display up to 7 segments with LEDs for selecting groups and viewing the radio transmission and can be installed on sight as design elements with an aluminum alloy structure, plastic parts in shockproof polycarbonate and magnetic wall support.

They are equipped with numerous functions for controlling the electrical devices connected to the burglar alarm system:

  • ON-OFF, timed or impulsive control of electrical loads, either via radio at a distance or by means of pushbuttons or wired switches.
  • Timed ignition, programmable from 1 second up to 60 hours,
  • Dimming or electronic, manual or automatic adjustment of light intensity.
  • Presence simulation: random switching on / off of lights (programmable with 10, 5 or 2 starts per hour), activated via a wired button or a dedicated radio control, ideal for dissuading strangers during absence from home.
  • Control of opening and closing awnings and shutters with a single or group command, in Up-Down-Stop, Step-by-Step or Man Present mode that can be set, compatible with all brands of motors for 3-wire awnings/shutters.

VELA Receivers
VELA TONDO Remote controls