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Follow these simple steps:

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How can I get the catalog?

If you need to find and download the catalogue, you have to log in and hence to have signed up before (if you have not signed up yet, learn how to by reading answer 1). Once you logged in, click the “download” link at the top right of the screen: a list of downloadable files will appear. Here you can look for the new products catalogue and the general one, both ready to be downloaded with a mouse click.

How can I get brochures?

If you want to download products brochures, you have to log in and hence to have signed up before (if you have not signed up yet, learn how to by reading answer 1). Once you logged in, you can find the product brochure you are looking for, either going down to the bottom of the desired product page or looking in the “download” section and apply the required filters.

Where do I find the price of products?

The price list is not available online. If you want to know the price of our products, email us at our address export@venitem.com, or fill in the Contacts form -that you find by clicking on the “contact us” link, and select “Commercial” as subject. In both cases, you will receive a reply from our Sales Office.

How do I fix tech problems?

If you need technical assistance, you can send us your request by filling in the Contacts form and selecting “Technical” as subject.

How can I find the closest Venitem reseller?

Use the “distributors” section, to find your nearest Venitem reseller. A list of our largest/ leading distributors will appear. Select the right filters and simplify your search (ex. AREA: Europe, Country: Belgium)

Where do I find your latest products?

All of our new products are easy to find when browsing our broad product portfolio, as they are clearly marked with the “NEW” label. All you need to do is click on the “Products” section and check every specific category

Where do I find ongoing promotions?

The registration to the website allows you to be updated about ongoing promotions through the sending of an e-mail to the address you have registered with. Alternatively, ongoing promotions can be easily seen by visiting our updated official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/venitem) or by controlling the banner on the main website screen.

Can I customize my sounder with any colour variety/theme?

Yes, you can.

In addition to the wide variety of standard colours, you can choose to enhance your sounder through the use of various personalisation techniques (stickers, serigraphies and decal), that allow the insertion of a company logo. On the basis of minimum order quantities, you can also customize your sounder through the use of innovative colours, including pearly and “tech” colours or metal, matt and brush effects. Our Sales Office is always at disposal to assess together the best customized solution, no matter what your requirement is.




My burglar-alarm system requires maintenance. What do I need to check for on my Venitem sounder?

For a correct maintenance of the system, if necessary, please proceed with battery replacement and check: the correct recharge voltage to the respective power supply terminals (voltage greater than or equal to 13.4V) and the status of non-resined parts such as the microswitches for anti-foam / anti-shock system and dip switch (for models without Configuration storing button, it is recommended to use flux spray and move switches to clean them of any possible oxide.
Then, bring the control on the STI terminal and keep it for 10 seconds.
If the on-board led LD1 is off, there is no fault on the sounder and everything has been properly executed.
If the on-board led LD1 blinks, check on the anomaly table of the manual the anomaly type and proceed by eliminating its cause.

I recently installed a Venitem sounder, but when I disable the start command the sounder blinks without sounding (or it sounds only for a few seconds but still keeping on blinking). What do I need to check for?

Proceed by opening the sounder and verify that the LED on the sounder board is blinking (only for models with anomaly led). Refer to the table on the Technical Manual to identify the anomaly type, for example 3 flashes indicates “Battery disconnected, less than 2.5V” (test every 4 hours). In case the anomaly led is off, proceed by controlling the input supply voltage (sounder power supply and positive/negative command) and the voltage on faston battery cables. To check that all connections are correct, try to remove manually the wire of the command.

I recently bought a F24 Venitem sounder, because I want to replace the old fire alarm system. However, I only have 2 wires, that arrive on the sounder. Can I still connect it? And how does it work?

Doge/Triade 24 are certified according to EN54-3 Standard and are to be connected to control panels equipped with an ouput with polarity inversion. The installation of a sounder with only 2/3 wires is still possible, but by doing so, the sounder becomes no longer compliant with the European Regulation. For the two-wire connection (with sounder OFF): configure the dip-switches with the first 3 in OFF position and the fourth in ON position. Proceed then by connecting the negative charge wire to -COM and +24V terminals and to    the the If you install a sounder, with

My TUL375EN power supply indicates a failure. Batteries were low, so I checked output voltages and I found 27V on OUT1, OUT2 and OUT3 respectively, with no recharge voltage on battery output. Is the power supply output faulty?

In the event of 220V mains failure for an extended period, batteries may lose too much voltage. As a consequence, when 230V power is restored, the power supply might not accept them, to avoid any potential damage. The power supply is equipped with an integrated mosfet controlled by the microprocessor, that doesn’t activate the output, if no battery is felt to be connected to terminals +BAT-. To verify the correct functioning of the mosfet and the relay on the board, you can cable bridge +BAT with the positive of one of the two outputs next to it. After a few seconds the relay will be energised and the DL2 anomaly LED will stop blinking until switching off. This is signal, that indicates the presence of a connected battery. Proceed then by removing the bridge and substituting the batteries.


I have to configure Doge Wireless sounder but on the Technical Manual there are 2 different programmings. Which one do I have to follow?

Doge Wireless sounders come in combination with ATX3 or ATX2 two-way devices and have to be programmed following both instructions on the manual. For example: you can combine the sounder Doge with ATX2 two-way device by pressing P2 button on the sounder. This way, the LED will flash slowly waiting for a code to be memorized. Then, you just need to press P1 button on ATX3 and the sounder will emit an acoustic notification of correct memorization. After that, you just need to press P2 button on ATX3 until the programming starts: if the the position is correct (position 1 for no sounder memorized), press P1 button on the sounder and verify that number 1 turns from flashing to steady. To exit from ATX3 programming, press P2 button.

N.B. When opening the ATX / 3 cover, be careful with the screwdriver, in order not to strain the tongue too much, because you can risk getting into it suddenly and break the receiving module inside.

I need to substitute the battery pack and to do some maintenance to a wireless sounder. What do I need to do?

To do a correct maintenance on the wireless sounders, you need to use terminal n. 3 or n.4 of ATX3 or ATX2 two-way devices, assigned to the sounder to be controlled. Proceed by giving a negative to terminal n.3 or a positive to terminal n.4 (only if not already set during alarm system wiring). When the command is removed, you have 15 seconds to open the sounder before it starts sounding. Once the sounder is open you can: substitute the battery pack (if ATX two-way device notifies low battery), once the command is removed we have 15 seconds to open the siren without starting it to sound. Once the siren is open, there is plenty of time to proceed with the replacement of the battery pack (if the ATX module showed low battery), check for anti-foam system status (in case of insects or dirt presence, it is recommended to substitute it) and the dip-switch, to which we suggest to lightly move the switches so as to remove any possible oxide deposits. Proceed by supplying and closing the sounder. Make some transmissions, in order to check for the correct functioning.

I have installed an EU Triad sounder and I notice that, once the siren is activated using the supplied key, the flashing light is on. Why?

The EU Triad sounder is designed for emergency / security exit doors. If it is not possible to install the same over the passage or if several doors must be kept under control, the use of shielded cables is strict to prevent induced voltages from holding the blocked inputs. The sock should be connected to the negative supply.

I purchased a sail remote control to add to a sail receiver but I cannot memorize any buttons. What should I do?

If you have a 4-channel sail receiver, first of all you need to check that the radio control you purchased is in 433 MHz and therefore black, red, green or white. Once the output to be piloted has been selected, pressing one of the buttons on the radio control the receiver LED instead of signaling the correct memorization flashes red / green, it means that the memory is full or inside of it there are some data that occupy it and therefore it is advisable to delete the entire memory and re-store all the radio controls previously acquired. If the remote control is teck, it is a remote control in 868 MHz and can therefore be combined with another device that is an 868 MHz sail receiver that has a 7-segment display and two buttons and therefore it will not be possible to memorize this remote control.