CCTV switching power supplies

TSWs are adjustable switching power supplies for CCTV, domotics and LED lighting systems, with integrated charger for backup batteries. These high power devices are placed in a compact box and are able to supply up to 8 independent cameras. TSWs enable output voltage setting in order to compensate cable voltage drop in medium-to-big CCTV systems.

These power supplies are equipped with 4 or 8 independent outputs, each one having open fuse LED signaling system and auto-reset electronic protection against short-circuits and overloading. The control board (also available as accessory) informs about: voltage presence, battery OK, low battery, overloaded battery, general failure.

Relay for remote signaling of anomalies and failures (through GSM or control panel) and relay with programmable delay for mains failure signaling.

The metal box houses batteries up to 18 Ah and is equipped with anti-opening tamper.


Available models:

TSW 155: 13,8 Vdc 5 A

TSW 155C: 13,8 Vdc 5 A
(with integrated control board and LED display)

TSW 157: 13,8 Vdc 7 A

TSW 157C: 13,8 Vdc 7 A
(with integrated control board and LED display)

TSW 1510: from 12 Vdc to 14 Vdc 9 A

TSW 1510C: from 12 Vdc to 14 Vdc 9 A
(with integrated control board and LED display)



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