The evolution of security is known as Mose, the outdoor alarm sounder conceived by Venitem and offering high-standard performances. Mose is a multi-function product, developed by Venitem to meet the demanding request of the market.

This sounder is available in LUX version with its innovative high-brightness LED spots system, patented by Venitem and able to rapidly show where the alarm is taking place and to light up the intrusion area, for a more efficient deterrent effect. The activation of the LED system can be in conjunction with the alarm or independent, thus making Mose an elegant outdoor lamp.

This sounder is also available in VOCAL version featuring a new high-quality vocal module together with messages aimed at discriminating the intrusion type. Mose is the best “speaking” sounder of the security market.

Mose has perfect technology and performances. The high-quality production materials used in this sounder and its advanced design result into an excellent security device and a smart accessory for top-quality locations.

The sounder is completely customizable; the housing is made in ABS and the external cover is coated using special colours and protected against UV rays. Further innovative finishings are available upon request.

Mose is innovation and high performance, Mose is the multi-function intrusion sounder joining the most cutting-edge technology to smart design and materials. The patented high-brightness LED lighting system turns this product into an elegant outdoor lamp and the digital vocal module makes it the best speaking sounder on the market.

Mose available models:

  • MOSE LS / MOSE LS LUX / MOSE LS VOCAL LUX (with anti-foam and anti-shock system)
  • MOSE LSP / MOSE LSP LUX / MOSE LSP VOCAL LUX (with anti-drilling system, anti-foam/anti-shock system)


  • Positive and negative ON/OFF settable by dip switch

    Positive and negative ON/OFF settable by dip switch

  • Command for sound interruption

    Command for sound interruption

  • Battery control according to EN 50131 standard

    Battery control according to EN 50131 standard

  • Optical and acoustic ON/OFF signaling

    Optical and acoustic ON/OFF signaling

  • 4 programmable sounds and 4 timings settable by dip switch

    4 programmable sounds and 4 timings settable by dip switch

  • Spirit level

    Spirit level


Colours: Matt white, matt black.

Flash covers: Smoke grey and light blue.


  • Chromium plating

  • Customized colours

  • Special finishings - "TECH" colours

  • Embossed stickers - Serigraphies - Decal


EN 50131-4 – Grade 3 and 4
INCERT for Belgium

  • Guarantee
  • EN50131-4
  • Incert



  • Matt white

    Matt white

  • Matt black

    Matt black


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