Faro DT-AM Plus


FARO DT-AM PLUS is the new volumetric dual-technology detector by Venitem combining a microwave section (MW) and a passive infrared (PIR). It offers high-technology features such as the possibility of selecting the end-of-line resistors for double or triple balancing, directly on the internal board, to better assist the installer in case of complex installations. Therefore, it is possible to use up to 3 FARO DT-AM PLUS detectors in the same room, provided they are positioned at 6 meters min of distance from each other and pointed to prevent microwave interference (corner < 70°).



  • EOL, end-of-line resistors, internally selectable
  • Anti-masking on Microwave, with dedicated relay
  • MTC, function to control the transmission of the Microwave
  • AB, Anti-Blinding function of Infrared
  • ECO, microwave switching-off in case of busy room
  • AND-OR, detection modes
  • Selectable sensitivity on two pre-set levels
  • Time-controlled memory of alarm type
  • Remote enabling of LED
  • Anti-fluorescent lamp digital processing
  • Opto-relay enabling long life and low consumption
  • Microwave with pulsed emission
  • Fresnel Lens with 18 zones on 4 levels, with look-down zone
  • Vertical adjustment on two levels
  • Anti-opening tamper (included)
  • Anti-removal tamper (optional)
  • Total coverage 90° per 15 m
  • Mounting with HUB: corner, wall, ceiling
  • Complying with EN 50131-2-4 Grade 2 class II




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