Our new CT7 app developed by METIDE

Our new CT7 app developed by METIDE

Jul 13, 2017

The alarm system installed in the house or in the office can be managed through the dedicated app, thus enabling high levels of customization. This smart product secures all environments thanks to an easy management method and the remote access.



CT7 sounder-alarm control panel by Venitem, thanks to its wireless system with integrated GSM, allows remote management of all events, such as alarm system ON/OFF, anomalies notification and system status. CT7 can be programmed through SMS or simply using the app on the mobile phone.

The app has been developed by Metide for iOS operating system. The aim is to create a system able to communicate in a simple way with the control panel. The user can activate the various functions in a few touches: in this way the environment is fully secured.



The app developed by Metide enables the user to set the alarm system and to manage it easily from the mobile phone.
The simple and immediate graphic interface gathers all the commands that are necessary to secure the house.
Through the app, the user can choose the system status, set sounder options and check the system status in real time.
Starting from the main menu, it is possible to access the various functions by touching the related buttons. Moreover, the app works as a “control panel” that checks whether the command has been received by the system.



TELEPHONE: The system can manage up to six telephone numbers. This means up to six different users.
MULTILINGUAL: It is possible to choose the desired language of the app by using the dedicated menu.
SOUNDER OPTIONS: The working-mode of the sounder can be personalized directly by the user.
SYSTEM STATUS: This section directly verifies the settings currently active on the system.
ZONES INCLUSION-EXCLUSION: The system supports up to 7 different zones, which can be freely included or excluded.
HELP: The help buttons can be found on all sections, giving additional explanations on the buttons and on the various functions.


in collaboration with Metide.com