Security and reliability with wireless burglar alarm systems

Security and reliability with wireless burglar alarm systems

Jul 20, 2018

When it comes to our personal safety and the protection of our homes, the choice for the correct technology to use, plays a crucial role. The market offers plenty of posisbilities. However, the one we are going to focus on in this article is wireless technology applied to burglar alarm systems.

Systems without wires, hence called wireless, able to make their connected components communicate through radio signals, which proves to be particularly efficient against physical barriers. A system of this kind is capable of making its interconnected devices work together in synergy.

The brain of the entire system is represented by the control panel: in fact, all information is gathered and processed here, to be elaborated and sent as the correct command at the right moment. The primary information source is the sensor -motion and presence detector. Once the information received from the sensor is elaborated by the alarm control panel, a signal is sent to the alarm system: an indoor/outdoor sounder. Sirens are fundamental, as they not only acoustically warn neighbours, but also stop any robbery or intrusion attempt.

Today, wireless technology is still surrounded by a sort of mistrust and one of the reason for it, is the common tendency to undervalue its full potential, that might in fact enhance the feeling of security in our houses.

The main features of a wireless burglar alarm system can be described as follows:

1. Constant safety

Maybe the only thing that can make us feel safe and protected the most, is the certainty that our wireless alarm system is always at work. A condition made possible by supervision, a fundamental feature, ensuring the correct functioning of each component to be automatically checked and any anomaly to be promptly notified.

2. Reliability and consistency

Although, its ability to work with both one-way and two-way communication systems, for the latest installations wireless technology is mostly used in two-way wireless alarm systems.

This type of operation allows: the communication between the alarm control panel and its component, the reception and sending of signals, efficiency and alarm system supervision.

3. Ease of installation and management

Compared to other type of alarm systems, the wireless ones are much easier to install. Kits are usually easy-to-assemble, thus not requiring the intervention of a specialised technician. Furthermore, the majority of these appliances are in some way connected to the user through the Internet and can easily be managed and remotely controlled via the dedicated APP.

For a total protection guaranteed, the best solution is an anti-burglar alarm system kit (comprehensive of all above-mentioned components).


The solution offered by Venitem is a complete wireless burglar alarm system consisting of:

● the control panels (CT7 or CTH-18) or the two-way receiver VELA 20 CH-W

● the wireless two-way infrared detector FARO-W

● the two-way wireless magnetic contact BOMA-W

● the two-way remote control rolling code VELA-W

Security is a requirement, not an option!